Funny / Jokes SmS

Husband wanted to call
the hospital to ask about
his pregnant wife but
accidentally called the
cricket stadium. He
asks, ” How’s the situation ?
He was shocked & nearly died
on hearing the reply. They
said, Its finy. 3 are
out, hope 7 out by
lunch, last one was a duck !

Santa was very
frustrated with jokes
made on him

So he went to his
wife & said :
Mujhe kuch aisa
sunana jisme mein
involve na hoon …..

Wife :


If U pass in exams:

Mom’s words:
Bahut khushi ki
bat hai !

Dad :
Mere beta sher
hai !

Lover :
So sweet..

Frnds :

Dhokebaaz, kaminey,
oye ! kab pada be tune
itna ?


Sometimes i forgot to
ask, are you ok ?
Sometimes i even miss
to say hi…!
But it doesn’t mean that
i forget you. It only means
that i am just as
lazy as you..


Teacher: Behind every successful

man there is a woman.

What do we learn from this?

Student: We should stop wasting

time here in studies and

find that WOMAN

Santa: Why are you heating the knife.

Banta: To do suicide.

Santa: But why are you heating it?

Banta: To prevent infection.


Wife to Husband :-

You don’t Love me at all….

Husband points towards their 2 Children and says –
then do u think I’ve downloaded these from Google?


Why many crushes n flirtings are
better than one true love??
‘Monopoly is always damaging
Competition improves efficieny!’
Pure economics theory!!!


Interviewer : Tell me the
opposite of
sardar : Bad
Intrv : come
sardr : Go
Intrv : UGLY
sardr : Picchli
Intrv : UGLY??
sardr : Picchli
Intrv : U r wrng
Sardr : I am rite
Intrv : Shut up
sardr : Keep tlkng
Intrv : Get out
sardr : Come in
Intrv : on my God
sardr : on my devil!!
Intrv : U r rejected
Sardr : I am selected ..!

A Rose For You-10 Rs.
A Card For You-Rs.25.
Lunch For You-Rs.220
A Friend Like You “Priceless”









Abe Jhaad Pe Mat Chadh. Priceless Yani Bhangaar…

Jab TuM Aayne Ke Paas Jate Ho To

Ayna Kehta Hai Beautiful Beautiful,

Jab TuM Ayne Se Dur Jate Ho To

Ayna Kehta Hai April Fool! April Fool!!!


kya huya jo kayamat hamne dhadali,aaj subhah mandir ki raah dekh dali

par galti se nariyal ki jagah kisi ki khophi patak dali.

woh aur koi nahin mandir ka takla pujari nikla,

jisne hamari khopdee ghanto ki tarah baja dali.

…………………………….aayila tum aisa mat karna.


If One Day You Find Me Staring At You,

Its Not Cuz Ur Cute,

But My MoM Says Devil Have Tails And

I M Just Wondering Where Is Yours…


Badalti Hai Duniya Badalti Hai Fashion,

Badalti Hai Duniya Badalti Hai Fashion,

Teri Bhi Kya Zindagi Kabhi Mandir Kabhi Station…


Aye Dost Tum Meri Zindagi Me Aye Kuch Is Tarah,

Tum Meri Zindagi Me Aye Kuch Is Tarah,
Khule Khet Me Ghusta Ho Saandh Jis Tarah…


Jack And Jill bihari-ishtyle:

Jakwa Aur Jillwa Gayil Upar D Hil,

Paniya Bharil Ke Waste,

Jackwa Gir Gayil Uka Khopdi Fut Gayi

Aur Jilwa Awat Ludkan Pure Raste…


Kitchen Me Kadai Aur Cooker Hota Hai,
Cooker Kehta Hai, Haye Tu Kitni Kali Hai,
Kadai Kehti Hai, Sale Phir Bhi Mujhe Dekhkar Sala Siti Marta Hai…


Sometimes My Mind Asks.

Why I Miss You?

Why I Care For You?

Why I Remember You?

Why I Sms You?

Then My Heart Answers..

Its Simply Because Sms Is Free…


Before U Criticise Wait,

Before U Pray Forgive,

Before You Quit Try,

Before U Hate Luv,

Before U Die,

Property Mere Naam Kar Dena Ok…


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